About the creator of Tickle Talks

FvdH portret kaartjesThe Tickle-Talks are developed by Fabien van der Ham. Fabien is a Dutch children’s book writer as well as a philosopher. She has been teaching as a guest teacher in Dutch primary schools for many years and does workshops and lessons about poetry, creative writing and children’s philosophy.

Fabien has developed a diverse selection of teaching material to philosophise with children to enable teachers and parents to start philosophical conversations themselves.

The Tickle-Talks, 50 philosophical questions for children, was the first product to be launched and it was a big success immediately.

The cards were awarded with the Dutch Children’s Philosophy Price. So far 18.000 copies have been sold, and because of this hundreds of children are now philosophising in primary schools all over the Netherlands.

The cards are now translated to German and English, so that even more children in Europe can be challenged to use their brains to find their own unique answers to special questions.

Fabien completed her college degree in communication and finished her higher education to become a professional in philosophizing with children at the International School of Philosophy. She also participated in various training courses about philosophy, education, didactics, giftedness, ICT and oral presentation.

Photo credit: Sylvia Germes Fotografie